Sunday, 16 July 2017

Alter Ego+ Textbook series

A few years ago, I was looking for a decent French textbook. In my opinion, a language course book should meet the following features:

  •  has an attractive cover,  (yes, I judge a book by its cover) and decorative inner part as   well with high quality photos, graphics.  If a publishing house pays attention to the looks of a textbook, then in most cases one may presume its intellectual value as well.  From a certain point of view it`s logical because in an efficient language teaching method using demonstration materials is essential.
  • includes digital material (audio, video files)  Nowadays, in the era of using storage clouds, CDs and DVDs are rather outdated. There isn't even a CD drive in my laptop 
  • its structure should be clear. Not just the units, but the table of content too. If you want to look something up quickly, it could be very irritating leafing through  pages in vain. 
  • contains transcript, keys, grammar tables, thematic vocabulary list (preferably at the end of the book)
  • goes through grammar and vocabulary elements logically and without any rush
  • offers knowledge regarding culture, civilization
  • provides an exercise book with keys
  • has teacher's guide
  • any other supplement is a plus (such as project books etc)

From these points of view,  Alter Ego + textbook series is an ideal choice. With the help of a teacher, it gives a good linguistic  basis. And last but not least, the teacher can prepare personalized lesson plans for it contains such a wide range of themes.

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